Abstract Art



If the year 2020 had a central theme for Kortez as an artist, it would be the year of abstraction. Late 2019 Kortez completed 4 large abstract paintings in acrylic. Three of the paintings were on 48″ X 48″ canvases and one canvas that was 36″ x 48″. The paintings were directly a response to several things one of them was Kortez being inspired by a new relationship with a beautiful fashion designer who suggested the two should collaborate on a project.


With that said, Kortez started experimenting using the energy of new love, doodles based on microorganisms created by his deceased Father and old illustrations and art Kortez created during his early years at college. The creative influence and contribution of his Father Donald J. Robinson is the most interesting thing because of their personal relationship took a shift over the years and after his passing.  Kortez has concluded that he had more of his Father’s support then he realized. Kortez also noticed how much his Father’s creativity has influenced all of his art over the years. Up until this time, Kortez has always credited his Mother as his main and most important influence on his art as a child on up to his adulthood. This past year has opened something up and these new paintings are the beginning of a journey the artist plans to share and openly discuss.