Mixed Media


The mixed media collage paintings are actually Kortez’  favorite medium to work in. He loves pulling together and creating printed material (vintage magazines, his own photography). Items like old mail, eviction notices, letters, clothing, pieces of furniture, mix tapes and even animal and human remains have found themselves in some of his newer compositions.

These creations he sometimes likes to call “VISUAL SAMPLES”. Very much like how modern music is created (Hip Hop and EDM/HOUSE), Kortez gathers visual elements and combines them to create unique images on canvas, found objects and at times sculptures and masks. The fact that Kortez is a DJ plays a major role in how he creates his art and his subject matter. Music is often the inspiration and sonic backdrop along with political, social and cultural references that shapes the imagery on the surfaces Kortez touches.

The art posted on this page is a mixture of old work and his latest creations. Please note, the selection you see doesn’t represent all of his inventory. On platforms such as   Facebook ,Twitter and Instagram, you can get a better idea of what he has been doing over the past several years. Stay tuned for more as we head into the new year.  2018 is going to be a big year for the artist as he plans on tackling more print and graphic mediums. By looking at his social media, you will get the taste and feel of what will materialize in the upcoming year.




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