DJ Culture

House of BAV started hosting events called Born Again Vinyl (BAV) every 1st Friday as an alternative point of entry to highlight the boutique. Since the pandemic, there has been a feeling that people really needed a reason to go shopping. Kortez has witnessed DJ Culture be exploited by several corporate entities that he has personally worked for and knew there was a natural connection between fashion, fine art and DJ Culture. Having this experience Kortez began a sonic exploration for the sole purpose of bringing people together and the Born Again Vinyl Crew was born. They are a collective of DJ’s who share a love of DJ culture and spin every 1st Friday, 2nd Thursday of every month and every 1st Sunday with the Open Turntable Sessions at Four City Brewing in Orange New Jersey. Starting January 9th House of BAV will be rocking out with T.O.P. on selected Sundays. T.O.P. stands for “THE ORIGINAL PEOPLES” and the trio is vocalist Mink Harden, DJ Tru and Kortez. Stay tuned for more info!

The first Born Again Vinyl at House of BAV happens on January 7th, 2022 at 6 pm with DJ Kortez

Each month we will have a little surprise to make things a little different. We will be selling vinyl and selected merchandise from House of BAV in 2022 at each of the events that take place. The goal is to push the love of vinyl, DJ Culture, Fine art and of course sustainable FASHION in New Jersey and the new location in Brooklyn. No cover, good music and funky fashion for everyone to enjoy! And if U want this event to come to your establishment, please reach out. Our goal is to have several Born Again Vinyl events happening locally and abroad to promote our brand and our affiliates. Feel free to mail us at directly at to book an event. We also curate art exhibits and panel discussions on sustainable fashion, fine art and DJ Culture. On Sunday February 13th, we are having a special Pop Up with DJ, designer and promoter $hort Dogg of @facepromotionz

The Open TurnTable Sessions is a point of entry for new comers hosted by Four City, House of BAV and Born Again Vinyl. At the same time we wanted a platform where there could be a creative exchange between those new to the game and seasoned DJ’s. The DJ world is very competitive and ego driven. We feel this is one way to share the culture and also keep egos in check by creating a even playing field. Each person participating plays 3 records of their choice. You can bring your own vinyl of any genre or play what we have on location. Of course there are exceptions to the rule but for the most part, 3 records then the next person gets on. We have special guests come through but for the most part, it’s a open forum and everyone has a chance to shine. This happens every 1st Sunday of the month at Four City Brewing Company. If you are interested in hosting a Open TurnTable Event at your establishment, please reach out via email at or call 518 468 2430.

Thursday January 13th, 2022 at 5pm is the first Born Again Vinyl at Four City Brewing Company with DJ Kortez

Every 2nd Thursday we have Born Again Vinyl at Four City Brewing Company located at 55 South Essex Ave in Orange New Jersey. This event is sponsored by House of BAV and we will have selected merchandise available for purchase during our events. On Thursday February 10th, 2022 we are featuring legendary Newark NJ Jock DJ Rhino who is also a Producer, MC, writer and Engineer. Stay tuned for more info on up coming DJ’s.

DJ Jah Measel in the cut at House of BAV/BK style in Brooklyn NY

Note that we are looking for DJ’s who spin a little bit off the beaten path. If you spin genres of music that aren’t of the main stream and especially music coming from the African Diaspora, please hit us up. Also if you sit around and complain that you have no place to play due to the main stream formats are not your cup of tea, reach out and lets connect. There are so many opportunities if you are will to think outside the box… We are running around the box, setting things off!!

DJ KV of Feel it Radio chilling after a set on the roof top of B22 located at 477 Broadway in Bayonne NJ