Pony (Archive) “Work in Progress”

PonyI wanted to share part of the creative process by posting unfinished drawings.  This way you can see how things progress and bring you in to my world.  Using the Chinese markers has really been fun.  I’m so used to using a brush and having clean lines. Having the raw and rough line is refreshing for me because it gives my work a different feel.  Coming across these markers was a blessing.  One of my co workers who I did a logo for had boxes of markers around the house.  She wasn’t using them and asked if I could put them to use, the rest is history.  As far as drawing on these book/magazine pages, I was doing this for a while but never exhibited any of the drawings.  The root of this technique for me happened during the early 90’s while I was in college.  I was always looking for new ways to express myself and at the time graffiti was a big thing for me.  My little twist was taking down advertisements on the PATH train and using them for drawings.  Some of them I would put back on the trains where I originally got them.  Some of the drawings looked like it was part of the ad.  One I used to love to do was to draw on the sign that said, “If you see graffiti, Call this number”.  I would take them down then draw graffiti on them and put the drawing back up on the train.  It was all in good fun and here I am recycling the old draw on the advert thing!  I hope you enjoy them and you can purchase them at www.torchegalerie.com.

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